Now Hiring: Web Developer and Multimedia Production Assistant

Help us bring the Powerful Voices for Kids story to life! We're seeking (1) a web developer and (2) a multimedia production assistant to help create the Powerful Voices for Kids website.

WEB DEVELOPMENT. We are seeking a web developer to help us create a website and online community where we can share the story of our experiences teaching digital and media literacy to children aged 6 - 14. Powerful Voices for Kids is a school and afterschool program in digital and media literacy. We have documented our work with children, teachers, and college students, helping them to integrate media literacy concepts into elementary school learning.Contract Award. We anticipate a budget of $10 - $20K for this project. Learn more about the opportunity and APPLY ONLINE HERE.

MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, POWERFUL VOICES FOR KIDS. We're looking for a ambitious and creative individual to assist us with the development of the Powerful Voices for Kids website. You'll be reviewing, selecting and curating videos and print materials that were created in an school and after-school media literacy program with children ages 5 - 12. Salary:  Flexible schedule up to 25 - 32 hours per week, position length estimated at 3 - 6 months, hourly wage $15 - $20/hour depending on experience. Learn more abut the opportunity and  Apply online HERE