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An Online Gathering to Share and Support Educators During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Join us on Friday, March 19th for a 1-year reunion! 

All are welcome to attend!

We will be exploring the theme of "in-between" -- as many of us struggling with the shifts that are underway as schools re-open for face-to-face learning, while maintaining online learning at the same time. It's a complicated time, again, and we welcome you to join us for an open discussion about your current experience. 

DATE: Friday, March 19, 2021


LOCATION: Online. Click here to register. 

This online community is a safe and respectful place where we offer emotional support, dialogue, and time for learning. Click here to listen to our 90-second audio story, created by Frank, Barb, Marta and Chuck!

Our history: We met for 74 sessions during the coronavirus isolation and formed a supportive and unfortgettable learning community!

JULY 13 - JULY 31, 2020

15 sessions of play and learning with lots of new members from. among the participants of the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy. 

MARCH 19 - JUNE 1, 2020

As part of our community commitment to address COVID19, we also want your help in building a Google Doc with notes and curated resources that are especially valuable for media educators. Please feel free to suggest resources!

You are most welcome to participate in these one-hour sessions. We spend the first 30 minutes in an open sharing dialogue You may share a story to describe how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting your community. You may choose to describe or demonstrate a resource, assignment or instructional strategy that you are using for teaching and learning online. Then, we have a short presentation or facilitated discussion. 


  • Tuesday, May 26, 1 - 2 PM EST.¬†Guided by Rachel Bouhanda, we learn about one of the most significant festivals that is celebrated by the Muslim community around the world, Eid Al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. In small groups, we talk about what, how and why we celebrate and remember.
  • Wednesday, May 27, 1 - 2 PM EST.¬†We share our thoughts and feelings as Virtually Viral Hangouts comes to an end. After this session, participants are invited to take time to visit the¬†VVHangout Reflections website. Please take a little time to document your reflections on the program, sharing a Flipgrid comment or using writing, art or other forms of creative expression.
  • Thursday, May 28, 1 - 2 PM EST. Unstructured discussion time for anyone who wants to gather.¬†
  • Friday,¬†May 29, 1 - 2 PM EST.¬†We meet with Rhode Island writing teachers enrolled in the Early College Writing Program, and Frank Romanelli guides the group in¬†reflecting¬†on¬†covid coping strategies and new discoveries in online learning.¬†¬†
  • Monday, June 1, 1 - 2, PM EST.¬†We meet for a final session to review and comment on the videos, writing, and other creative work we produced. We offer appreciation to those who have helped us with coronavirus isolation over the past 11 weeks. We anticipate the future with hope.


Monday, May 18. Renee Hobbs leds a viewing and discussion of The Big Snit.

Tuesday, May 19. Ariel Dagan explores games and gaming pedagogies. 

Wednesday, May 20. April shows us how she designed Escape Room literacy adventures for children.

Thursday, May 21. We explore twitter with Katie McNamara.

Friday, May 22. Storytelling Friday


Monday, May 11. We discuss heart, persona, tone and structure in a Ted Talk video, with support drom Darin Johnson. 

Tuesday, May 12. Barb Fecteau introduces us to some games to play online.

Wednesday, May 13. We consider barriers and bridges, using the MURAL whiteboard app with Kristin Hokanson 

Thursday, May 14. Lauren McClanahan leads our discussion.

Friday, May 15. Storytelling Friday. We share professional and personal stories and consider the intersection between the two. 


Monday, May 4. We use a collaborative visual analysis protocol to reflect on meaning-making and interpretation in the context of the global pandemic. 

Tuesday, May 5. We discuss the best features of online meetings and conferences with Michelle Ciccone and Pam Steager. 

Wednesday, May 6. Resource sharing with Joyce Valenza and Pam Steager. 

Thursday, May 7. All things podcasting with Alix Woznick. 

Friday, May 8. Storytelling with Kathy Jackson.


Monday, April 27.  We reflect on stories from the front lines of education and librarianship, created using Google Slides. 

Tuesday, April 28. We explore moving image media in the online learning context with special guest Don Goble.

Wednesday, April 29. We explore moving image media in the online learning context with Scott Spicer and Joyce Valenza.

Thursday, April 30. We talk and share family recipes and discuss issues of representation in food media with Chuck Hensley. 

Friday, May 1. Pam Steager leads us in pedagogies of online digital storytelling. 


Monday, April 20.  Marie C  leads us in reflection using "rose, thorn and bud" and shares how educators are using Second Life these days

Tuesday, April 21.  Open sharing includes a reflective composition task. 

Wednesday, April 22. Natasha Casey leads the discussion on what will be the "new normal" when coronavirus is past. 

Thursday, April 23. Stories from the front lines of education and librarianship, we discuss and create using Google Slides. 

Friday, April 24. Kathy Jackson helps us tell stories about what matters to our feet. 


Monday, April 13. Lauren McClanahan leads this session, where we use the Mood Board to reflect on the intersections we experience in our own lives between happiness and sadness, between high energy and low energy. 

Tuesday, April 14. Joyce Valenza leads this session as we explore how to integrate a diverse array of sources into a small and large group online discussion. 

Wednesday, April 15.  Michelle Ciccone leads this session where we use a Visible Thinking protocol.  

Thursday, April 16. Frank Romanelli leads this session where we appreciate music and discuss its role in our lives. 

Friday, April 17.  Pam Steager leads this session where we consider the power of story to shape our understanding of reality. 


Monday, April 6. We talked about small psychological adaptations we have been making (and will be making) as this self-isolation continues. 

Tuesday, April 7. We're sharing examples of the funny stuff and talking about humor in the age of coronavirus. 

Wednesday, April 8. Scott Spicer shares how he is supporting faculty and students in a range of media production learning experiences at the University of Minnesota.

Thursday, April 9. Pam Steager uses a 10-point scale (great day, bad day) as a check-in to invite reflection on how we are managing one day at a time. 

Friday, April 10. Kathie Jackson leads us in sharing stories about our experiences.  


Monday, March 30. Joyce Valenza demonstrates some ways to make synchronous video chat more interactive. 

Tuesday, March 31. Lauren McClanahan models a practice to help students learn to analyze and compose digital photos.  

Wednesday, April 1. Ed McDonough shares examples of student media projects in the time of coronavirus.

Thursday, April 2. We reflect on spirituality and personal identity in the age of coronvirus.   

Friday, April 3. Kathy Jackson models a two-step process for telling stories in the age of coronvirus.


Monday, March 23. Samantha Stanley discusses resistance to feedback and its educational value. 

Tuesday, March 24. April Leach demonstrates how very young children learn to create videos and websites Adobe Spark.

Wednesday, March 25. Ornat Turin describes opportunities for applied research and ways to work on it during these times.

Thursday, March 26. Frank Romanelli reflects on high school teachers responses to forced remote instruction.

Friday, March 27. Michelle Ciccone helps us imagine the future after coming back.


Monday, March 16. Lisa Friesem models a process of exploring issues using dialogue of nonviolent communication. 

Tuesday, March 17.  Open sharing helps us build a sense of community. 

Wednesday, March 18. Open sharing helps us build a sense of community. 

Thursday, March 19. Yonty Friesem engages in dialogue with Israeli teachers affected by the coronavirus.

Friday, March 20. Renee Hobbs shares examples of how she offers feedback to learners in a fully-online class.