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Passion to Purpose: Design Thinking Tools for Educators

In this interactive workshop, we explore how design thinking tools can help educators build inquiry and engagement media projects based on student interests. Join MINDY FABER and MARGARET CONWAY, Convergence Design Lab’s co-founders, for an interactive virtual workshop on Passion to Purpose, a digital game-like tool that empowers students to unlock their civic imagination to ideate multimedia project ideas that connect a personal passion to a civic purpose.


Watch the recorded video, which models the form and structure of a Passion to Purpose workship using the Mural whiteboard for digital learning. Then click on the Mural below, where you can see the collaborative workshop process in more detail. 



Explore Passion to Purpose -- click here

Convergence Design Lab designed Passion to Purpose as a way for teachers to help their students playfully gain experience with brainstorming and ideation for multimedia project based learning.  Passion to Purpose sparks new ideas in students by simply juxtaposing two of their own ideas (one passion and one purpose) and reflecting them back as a design question. Used in the classroom, it’s an ideation and brainstorming tool that builds student ownership of learning by connecting interests to advocacy.  Convergence Design Lab is a Chicago-based research and design agency on a mission to build resilient learning ecosystems.  Its team of designers, researchers and strategists supply the tools, frameworks and research to support equity-driven and learner-centered innovations for schools and learning organizations.


DATE: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

TIME: 12 - 1 pm EST

Passion to Purpose by MURAL

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