Press Coverage of White Paper on Digital and Media Literacy: A Plan of Action

A partial list of the way people are responding to the White Paper. Twitter trackbacks can be found here.

10 Steps to Strengthen Digital and Media Literacy

Converge Magazine's Tanya Roscoria writes about how school leaders at IT professionals can support digital and media literacy education as a community education movement.

News Literacy's Golden Age

Keith Hammonds writes about the rise of news literacy and the role of charitable foundations in supporting this community education movement.

A Push for Digital and Media Literacy

Education Week's Katie Ash writes about the White Paper

Ten Steps for Better Media Literacy Skills

In this article from E-School News, Meris Stansbury identifies the ten action items recommended in the White Paper.

Media Literacy in the Digital Age

World Bank blogger Shanthi Kalathi wonders how the vision of digital and media literacy laid out in the White Paper apply across the developing world.

Citizenship Means Creating Cotent, According to a New Knight Report

Tech President's Nick Judd notices that the White Paper points out that an "embarrassingly low level of reading comprehension among American adults" is a barrier to digital and media literacy.

Missing in Action: School Librarians and the Digital and Media Literacy White Paper

Buffy Hamilton wonders why the White Paper doesn't position librarians as more active agents of change.

Tufts Unversity's Peter Levine blogs about the White Paper while participating in a conference on Millennials and News at the University of Texas.