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Program Schedule and Content Overview

Program Structure

The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy is a hands-on, minds-on experience, not like any conference you have ever attended. 

Morning Warm Up to Creative Collaboration. We'll begin each day with engaging creative and collaborative activities that will deepen your relationships with faculty and participants and get your creative juices flowing.

Looking Up and Out Keynote Presentations and Digging Deeper Sessions.  Mornings at the Institute will will include inspirational and informational keynote presentations and follow-up extended learning and discussion for digging deeper. Topics for the week are as follows:

    Monday Keynote: Digital Pedagogies for Curriculum Design (Julie Coiro)

      Digging Deeper: Applying Digital Pedagogy in Practice

        Tuesday Keynote: TO BE ANNOUNCED

          Digging Deeper: TO BE ANNOUNCED

            Wednesday Keynote: Digital Creative Authorship as Learning (Renee Hobbs)

              Digging Deeper: Exploring Creative Synthesis and Production (Rhys Daunic)

              Cool Tool Workshop Sessions. Get plenty of hands-on learning-by-doing, choosing from a range of hands-on workshops where you explore technologies for learning including the following:


              • Online discussion spaces
              • Wonderopolis and Evernote
              • Google Drive
              • Polls for Formative Assessment
              • Screencasting


              • Gooru Online Inquiry Spaces
              • iMapBook
              • iMovie
              • Goodnotes


              • Storybird and Digital Storytelling
              • iCreate SAM software
              • Animoto
              • Online Remixing Tools: Popcorn Maker, Meograph, and Storify


              • Celly and Cell Phones for PD
              • Creating Infographics with
              • Symbaloo
              • Mobile Devices for Inquiry

              Hot Topic Roundtable Sessions. Discuss larger issues surrounding the changing nature of literacy in a digital age while engaging with classroom teachers, community media makers, and researchers from around the world.


              Inquiry and Online Reading

              • Media Literacy for Young Children
              • Digital Literacy Artifacts
              • Reading the World
              • Inanimate Alice Narrative
              • Web Portfolios
              • Problem-Based Learning Units
              • Authentic Spaces for Assessing Online Inquiry


              Authorship & Making as Learning

              • Powerful Voices for Kids
              • Public Service Announcements
              • Poetry and Digital Writing
              • Flipped Professional Development
              • Supporting Digital Literacy in Higher Education
              • Media Literacy for K-1 in Japan
              • Web Media & Community
              • Ebooks & Prof. Learning Communities

              Design Studio. Work with others toward creating a creative multimedia project and/or innovative instructional plan that incorporates interdisciplinary content and new literacies prompted by emerging technologies. At the end of the week, share your plans and projects in an exciting gallery walk with the whole group and plan your next steps.

              Daily Reflections. We discover new insights about ourselves as learners and teachers and share our reflections in an informal de-briefing.