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School Librarians, Framingham Public Schools


DATE: January 19, 2021
TIME: 8 – 11 AM

Renee Hobbs is presenting a professional development workshop in the Framingham Public Schools.

Secondary Grades 6-12
The Library Screen Scene
Learn creative instructional strategies to address the learning needs of the YouTube generation through supporting students' viewing, reading, listening comprehension and media literacy competencies, by devleoping critical analysis skills and creative media production competencies. 

Elementary Grades K-5
Media Literacy, Copyright and Fair Use for the Youngest Learners

Learn how to introduce basic concepts of media literacy, copyright and fair use with the youngest children.


School Librarians  
Digital Authorship

What happens when librarians experience for themselves the power of digital authorship? Review and discuss how unleashing your own creativity opens up new ways for you to support your learning community.