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Teaching About the 2020 Elections Virtual Conference


Mind Over Media: Propaganda Education for a Digital Age

Renee Hobbs is delighted to offer a keynote address at the

Teaching About the 2020 Elections Virtual Conference on Saturday, September 26th!


Teaching the Elections: Focus on Propaganda

Today, propaganda is everywhere, but it comes not only from governments, politicians, and businesses seeking to influence public opinion. Contemporary propaganda is also created and shared by our neighbors and friends. As political partisanship has intensified, teachers have faced new challenges in the pedagogy of teaching about political campaign propaganda and its role in our democracy. In this talk, Hobbs demonstrates creative ways that teachers explore the topic of propaganda with learners in ways that advance digital and media literacy competencies. Teaching about propaganda can be controversial, but it involves risks that are well worth taking for the future of our democracy. 

About the Presenter

Renee Hobbs is a researcher, author, activist, educator, and media professional with expertise in digital media literacy education.  She is a professor at the University of Rhode Island's Harrington School of Communication and Media, where she directs the Media Education Lab. She is the author of Mind Over Media, Copyright Clarity, Create to Learn, and many other books. She offers professional development online and around the world. Learn more: