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Teaching Media Production Online

How do people of all ages learn to create media in a fully-online class or in a hybrid or blended program? 

Creative Activity: Emphasizing the Personal

DATE: Wednesday, April 14

Join us to learn effective strategies for teaching media production onlline. In this session, media educator Maria Leonida guides us through a model lesson that is effective in F2F, online and hybrid learning situations. She will demonstrate and reflect on an exercise drawing on visual semiotics which prepares students to embrace the directors’ point of view. The activity has been implemented extensively for more than a decade with teenagers and teachers, in various set ups, in and out of school.



We worked collaboratively to produce 3 images to represent an ordinary object in different ways. In the process, we engaged in brainstorming, took risks, and produced some creative work as a collaborative team! 

See examples of what we created here!


Maria Leonida is a documentary film director, co-founder and Director of Karpos, Centre for Education and Intercultural Communication. Karpos, is a non profit organisation (est. 2008 in Athens) focusing in media and film literacy running Greek and European Projects. Maria has designed, coordinated and implemented national projects, two of which have received European awards: A suitcase full of images and sounds 2019, My opinion 2016. She is also responsible for creating educational materials for more than 10 media related European projects. She has several collaborations in Germany (especially with the Theatre Pedagogue Association of Hessen). Her work combines research and practice and focuses on interdisciplinary approaches of media expression for a variety of target groups. Her favourite areas to teach are documentary, soundscapes and participatory media making while during the last 3 years she works systematically with Photography for young and adult refugees. Her documentary work has been screened in Film Festivals and TV channels around Europe with various subjects on art and society. Maria trained in filmmaking in London and Denmark. She holds a BA in History and an MA in Art History.