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Thanksgiving Gratitude, 2020

The year of the pandemic has created both a crisis and opportunity for everyone affiliated with the Media Education Lab, and at Thanksgiving Time, we find ourselves isolated from our families. But the Media Education Lab family wil be celebrating this week, in a spirit of gratitude for the support that we have received from all of you who have joined together with us this year. 

We are hosting both REAL TIME and ANYTIME activitiess this week in honor of an internationals Thanksgiving. If your schedule permits, please join us for one or more of these activities:

Anytime Events:


DigiURI Media Club¬†‚Äď Join the FlipGrid for holiday¬†discussion, hosted by Samantha Stanley.¬†PW: thanks2020


Northeast Media Literacy Conference¬†‚Äď Join our brainstorming Padlet to suggest ideas for next year. Hosted by Michelle Ciccone.


Summer Institute in Digital Literacy¬†‚Äď Join our Mural to co-construct a magazine cover story where we share your gratitude for the digital literacy practices we¬†learned this year. Hosted by Renee Hobbs.¬†


Real Time Events:


Wednesday, November 25, 1  PM EST

Viral Virtual Hangout¬†‚Äď Join our special Thanksgiving reunion session. Online. REGISTER HERE.¬†Hosted by Lauren McClanahan.


Thursday, November 26, 4 pm EST

Renee‚Äôs Thanksgiving Celebration¬†‚Äď Join an informal¬†gathering¬†with the lab members and¬†Renee in her¬†digital home. Bring your egg nog or holiday drink!¬†CLICK HERE:¬†Be sure to use your headphones in this¬†high Fidelity (audio only) platform.¬†


Saturday, November 28, 10 AM EST 

Holiday After Party¬†‚Äď Sing along with Frank Romanelli. Online REGISTER HERE.¬†¬†