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Tuning in to Media: Literacy for the Information Age

In this award-winning documentary, Renee Hobbs offers a compelling analysis of how news and entertainment covered the Rodney King beating and 1992 Los Angeles riots and introduces the key concepts of media literacy, showcasing elementary, middle and high school classrooms where teachers are applying media literacy concepts to the curriculum with impressive results.

PART 1: Analyzing News

PART 2: Analyzing Entertainment

PART 3: In the Classroom



Winner of a Parent's Choice Award, Tuning in to Media offers a compelling look at the powerful and pervasive role that mass media play in our society.



  • Examines the media coverage of the L.A. riots.
  • Showcases elementary, middle school and high schools.
  • Watch teachers apply media literacy in the classroom.


"Especially valuable... is the way it uses coverage of the King case... to illuminate various media techniques -- and biases-- that are not always apparent to the casual viewer." --Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times