Kelly Reed


Kelly Reed is a senior Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media major at Temple University.  She first began to love the idea of working with children and media during her Mass Media and Children course with Professor Renee Hobbs. She became an intern with Media Education Lab in an effort to further explore this new interest.

Kelly has been immersed in technology from a young age through her mother’s passion of artistic expression through photography and her father’s love of singing classic television theme songs. If any part of the song can be sung, she probably knows the words, and can often times be spotted belting out lyrics to her current playlist at red lights. Yet her biggest influence of all has been her own love of television entertainment. As a child she would ‘suspend disbelief’ to thoroughly enjoy, but as young adult and broadcast major she examines camera angles and studies continuity.

Kelly hopes through her internship at the Media Education Lab to help inspire in children a similar passion to her own.