Copyright Clarity Goes to School

Here are some of the places where Renee Hobbs and her colleagues have shared their work in copyright clarity with K-12 and college educators:

“Yes! You Can Use Copyrighted Materials for Digital Literacy,” Presentation with Sandy Hayes and Kristin Hokanson. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Philadelphia, June 28, 2015. 

“Understanding Copyright and Fair Use.” Give Me Five Media Teacher Lab. Rhode Island Council on the Arts, Providence RI. October 22, 2012.

"Copyright Clarity." Workshop leader, Notre Dame High School, Lawrenceville NJ, April 26, 2012.

"Copyright Clarity," 2012 Winter Faculty Institute. University of Delaware, Wilmington, DE, January 10, 2012.

"Copyright Clarity Train-the-Trainers," with Spiro Bolos. New Trier High School, Northfield, IL. October 28, 2011.

"Yes, You Can Use Copyrighted Materials! Conquering Copyright Confusion," Iowa Council of Teachers of English, Johnston, Iowa. October 13, 2011.

"Copyright Clarity: Train the Trainers," Day-long workshop at Temple University, Center City Campus, August 25, 2011.

"Copyright Clarity," International Society for Technology Education (ISTE), Philadelphia PA, June 29, 2011.

"Leading the Way to Copyright Clarity," with Kristin Hokanson and Spiro Bolos. Full-day workshop. International Society for Technology Education (ISTE), Philadelphia PA, June 26, 2011.

"Copyright Clarity for School Library Media Specialists" Half-day workshop to the Pennsylvania School Library Association, Penn State University, State College, PA, April 28, 2011.

"Still Confused? A Conversation about Copyright, Fair Use and Remix Culture with Renee Hobbs and Joyce Valenza."  Webinar sponsored by LibraryLinkNJ, the New Jersey Library Cooperative. April 6, 2011

"Webinar on Copyright and Fair Use for Technology Directors," With Kristin Hokanson and Spiro Bolos. International Society for Technology Education (ISTE), April 5, 2011.

"Copyright and Fair Use for Digital Learning: Teaching Strategies that Work," Paper presentation, Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), Philadelphia, March 30 - April 2, 2011.

"Remix and Fair Use in Education," Presentation, Midwest Educational Technology Conference, St. Louis, MO. February 16, 2011.

"Student Publishing and Remixing: Keeping in Safe and Legal," Panel presentation, Midwest Educational Technology Conference, St. Louis MO, February 16, 2011.

"Copyright Advocacy and the DMCA," Sabbatical research presentation, School of Communications and Theater, Temple University, Philadelphia PA. November 30, 2010.

"Why Writing Teachers Need Media Literacy and Copyright Clarity," National Writing Project (NWP) conference, Orlando FL, November 18, 2010.

Webinar: "Can My Students Use Images in their Writing?" National Council of Teachers of English webinar, November 10, 2010.

Webinar: "Copyright Clarity: What Every English Teacher Needs to Know," National Council of Teachers of English webinar, September 14, 2010.

"Copyright Clarity," Day-long workshop, Philadelphia PA. Temple University Center City Campus, August 19, 2010.

"Technology Education and Copyright," Kornberg School of Dentistry, Temple University, Philadelphia PA. July 26, 2010

"Copyright Clarity," Presentation at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference, Denver CO, June 29, 2010.

"Copyright and Fair Use: What Every Library Media Specialist Needs to Know," Half-Day workshop for the Pennsylvania School Library Association, State College, PA, April 15, 2010.

"Renee Hobbs on Copyright, Fair Use and Digital Learning," Paley Library, Temple University, April 13, 2010.

"Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning," Florida International University staff development conference, Miami, FL. April 9, 2010.

"Communication and Digital Culture: Teaching About/With Fair Use," Popular Culture/American Culture Association conference, St. Louis, MO, April 2, 2010.

"Fair Use: Perspectives on Copyright and Fair Use for Digital Learning," Digital Media and Learning Conference, LaJolla, CA, February 19, 2010.

"Erasing Copyright Confusion," National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) conference, Philadelphia PA. November 22, 2009.

"Copyright Clarity for Multimedia Composition," presentation at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting, Philadelphia PA, November 18, 2009.

"Conquering Copyright Confusion," half-day workshop presented at the Pennsylvania Communication Association, Latrobe, PA, October 13. 2009.

Keynote Address: "Yes, You Can! Use the Power of Fair Use for Media Literacy Education," Media Literacy Week, St. Louis, MO, October 9, 2009.

"Erasing Copyright Confusion," National Association for Media Literacy Education, Detroit, MI, August 1, 2009.

"Best Practices in Fair Use for 21st Century Educators," National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), Washington, DC, June 28, 2009.

Keynote Address: "Best Practices in Copyright and Fair Use for K-12 Educators" Association for Educational Publishers, Washington, DC, June 11, 2009.

"Media Literacy Gets Fair Use: The Best Practices Model in Teaching," International Communication Association, Chicago, IL, May 22, 2009.

Panel presentation: "Fair Use and Academic Freedom:  Asserting Fair Use Rights in Communication." International Communication Association, Chicago, IL. May 21, 2009.

Keynote Address: "Conquering Copyright Confusion: Implications for Teaching and Learning with Digital Media," Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education (SEPCHE), Ethical Uses on Information in an Online World. Layfayette Hill, PA. May 13, 2009

"Anticircumvention Rulemaking: Petition 4C and 4D," Testimony to the U.S. Copyright Office, Washington, D.C., May 6, 2009.

Keynote Address: "Eliminating Copyright Confusion for 21st Century Learning," Delaware County Intermediate Unit English Education Day, April 20, 2009. Morton, PA.

"Copyright, Media Literacy and Fair Use," Presentation to the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning, Detroit, MI, March 18, 2008.

"Best Practices for Fair Use in Multimedia Composition," Conference on College Composition  and Communication, San Francisco, CA, March 13, 2009.

"Putting an End to Copyright Confusion and Developing Media Literacy with your Students," Educon 2.1 conference, Philadelphia, PA, January 24, 2009.

"Yes, You Can! Using Copyrighted Materials: Conquering Copyright Confusion," Presenter, NCTE Webinar, January 14, 2009.

"Copyright: From Nuts and Bolts to Web 2.0" Presenter at the ISTE Webinar with Hall Davidson, December 4, 2008.

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"Reducing  Copyright Confusion: A Webinar." Presentation with Peter Jaszi to the Pennsylvania Technology Teachers, 21st Century Learning Community. March 13, 2008.

"What's Fair about Fair Use? Copyright and Fair Use Issues for Media Education," Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME) conference, Burlington, VT, October 6, 2006.

"What's Fair about Fair Use for Media Literacy Educators?" Northeast Media Literacy Conference, Storrs, Connecticut, March 30, 2007

"All the Grey Areas: How Media Educators' Beliefs about Copyright and Fair Use Affect Instruction," International Communication Association, San Francisco, CA, May 25, 2007.