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EUROMEDUC in Bellaria Italy

The Second Congress on Media Literacy is an exchange of professionals, researchers and practitioners involved in media education, policymakers in education and politics, and representatives of the media industry and European institutions. The program addresses six headings covering the major topics in the field:

  • Media Literacy in Europe
  • The Future of Media Literacy
  • Constructive Controversies in Media Literacy
  • New Challenges Facing Media Literacy
  • Key Questions in Media Literacy
  • Media Literacy: An Issue for Europe

Read Renee's blog summarizing the highlights of the conference. Renee also offered two programs at the Congress:

1. A Political Approach: Citizenship and Human Rights. An exploration of challenges associated with the use of current events and news topics in media literacy education at the primary level, based on work with the Powerful Voices for Kids program.

2. Alliance of Civilizations. A look at the project on using media literacy education to promote global understanding, in a collaborative project with the Roberts Elementary School, Kuwait University and the Alliance of Civilizations.