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European League for Middle Level Educators (ELMLE)

Hobbs keynotes European education conference in Warsaw Poland  

On January 30, 2015, Renee Hobbs offers a keynote address at the European League for Middle Level Education (ELMLE), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting middle level education. Founded in 1986, ELMLE's global membership comprises schools and individuals in Europe.  Their mission is to inspire administrators and teachers of young adolescents to improve their knowledge and professional practices which promote positive student learning. 

1. Safe Ways to Talk about Digital Transgression



2. Copyright and Fair Use for Digital Learning


Videos : MOOC Professional Development


Lesson Plans for Grades 6 - 8  

Learn more about "educational uses" of copyright law re: digital learning in Europe 

3.  KEYNOTE: How Teacher Motivations Shape Digital Learning

PPT Slides 

Take the Quiz: Digital Learning Horoscope 

Motivations Worksheet : Read Aloud

Color Handout : 12 Motivations for Digital Learning