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MediaEd Workshop on Belonging in Oslo

MediaEd Workshop on Belonging in Oslo

MediaEd Workshop on Belonging in Oslo

Short FREE Workshops using Arts-Based Methods to explore Identity and Belonging

Participants with refugee background (over 18 yrs of age) learn to explore diversity and identity with American PhD Researchers. 




This free workshop provide an opportunity for groups with a shared background or connection as well as groups of people with diverse backgrounds to practice various techniques of collaboration in constructive ways. The workshop facilitators and the practice during the workshop honor participants' differences, unique aspects, and abilities. Through a short process of digital storytelling, practicing self-expression, and enhancing critical thinking, the participants will explore their sense of belonging, collaboration and identity. 

This short free workshop can be customized for any group needs! Recommendation of 2-4 hours, based on the Media Production Hive Curriculum. Applying the tools and techniques of filmmaking, the participants will be able to acquire digital and media literacy skills in addition to having a short video of their own making. 

Organizations would benefit from having their participants go through the workshop to better articulate their sense of belonging to the organization and having acquired digital skills to use within the organization. 

Project Coordinator: Larisa Ozeryansky, MPH, MSIPM, PhD Candidate
Lead Media Workshop Facilitator: Dr. Yonty Friesem

Available Dates: July 11-14, 2024

Costs: FREE!

Eligibility: Participants 18 years old of age and older; arrived to Norway with the "refugee" status before the age of 18 and within the last 5 years; basic knowledge of English (workshop will be in English). 

Requirements: Space to provide the workshop and at least 5 participants. 

Please see APPLY HERE for more details.


Project Partners and Institutional Affiliates:
Media Education Lab
University of Washington; Department of Sociology
NorSensus MediaForum
Fulbright Norway

Note: This project is part of PhD dissertation research (by Larisa Ozeryansky, Program Coordinator and PhD Candidate from the University of Washington and Fulbright Norway) which will explore belonging, identity, sense-of-place, and self-expression through media. Transcripts and fieldnotes, photos, and other materials from the program will be used for analysis and potential publication. As part of the application, participants can consent to their contributions and image to be used for this research work (consent form with further details is provided in the application materials).


Send email to Larisa Ozeryansky (Program Coordinator) at