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Media Club - YouTube

In this session, Iglika Ivanova will facilitate a discussion about trends YouTube series and influential YouTubers, who mix body language, behavior analysis and media literacy concepts, without explicitly talking about media literacy. We will discuss how they use media and construct meanings and if they push a certain line, including a political one, to instill a certain attitude, to turn people against certain personalities, media, values, to massage and model thinking in a certain direction.

The world's top body language and behavior experts. The truth seekers and exposers. They look at people’s language to find out what they really mean, what they’re holding back, and how they’re being deceptive. And to tell you! Because you deserve to know the truth, to know how to watch and to listen to, to be better at reading people in the media and in your own conversations.

Are you entertained? Do you feel like you've been lied to all along and only now have you begun to see people's true intentions, goals and agenda, hidden messages and hints, encoded and transmissioned through the media? Do you feel that after watching their videos you are better at detecting truth, deception, and keeping yourself and those you love safe; that you are more… media literate and critically thinking? 

Date: Monday, August 7th, 2023

Time: 12PM EST/ 7PM CET/ 9:30PM IST

Location: Register here for the webinar. 

We will dicuss these channels and YouTubers: 

Iglika Ivanova is a PhD candidate at Sofia University, Bulgaria, working on a dissertation thesis on the online platform’s liability in the European Union and the United Kingdom. She is also a board member of the Media Literacy Coalition in Bulgaria – an association that coordinates the efforts of the main non-governmental organization working in the field of digital and media literacy and organizes the annual Media Literacy Days campaign in the country. Her research interests gravitate towards the challenges at the intersection of media, technology and democracy. 


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