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Media Literacy Amidst the Fog of War

Live "Reporting" in Twitter Spaces

International volunteer teams of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) experts are producing 24/7 social media information streams that inform on war developments in realtime and debunk Russian and Ukrainian disinformation and misinformation. The channels provide in-depth context and expert insights and are speedier than mainstream news organizations. They have attracted audiences that include lawmakers, military professionals and journalists.  But their editorial policies are a work in progress. This webinar will focus on the case study of  "Russia Invasion of Ukraine: Walter Report" on Twitter Spaces as a resource for media literacy educators.

DATE: Tuesday, March 15, 2022 

TIME: 12 PM EST / 18:00 CET

LOCATION: Online. Click here to register. 

What is Twitter Spaces? Twitter Spaces is a free audio chat room available on the mobile Twitter app. Find Twitter Spaces on the fleet bar of your app screen. To listen in advance of the webinar, follow @walterlekh on Twitter and click on the purple circle. 


Jocelyn Ford, Former Beijing & Tokyo Bureau Chief, U.S. Public Radio

Iglika Ivanova, Media Literacy Researcher, Bulgaria