Powerful Voices for Kids Summer Media Camp

Children enrolled in RBCS are eligible to enroll in an exciting 4-week summer program running Mondays through Thursdays beginning Monday, July 6 and ending Thursday, July 30.  We are also offering a Summer Scholars full-day program, beginning June 29th, for gifted students in Grades 6 and 7

“Powerful Voices for Kids" is a program that integrates media literacy and technology to strengthen students' speaking, listening, reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

RED and PURPLE Team: for children entering Grade K and Grade 1
GREENTeam: for children entering Grade 2 - 3
BLUE and ORANGE Team: for children entering Grade 4
YELLOW and SILVER Team: for children entering Grade 5
GOLD Team: for children entering Grade 6 - 7

Sample activities include:

•    “Watch and Learn” – what you can learn from watching TV and movies
•    “Creating Photo Stories” – using a digital camera to promote writing skills
•    “Books and Movies” – learn about how books are adapted into movies
•    “How the Internet Works”—a role-playing activity about online social media
•    “TV Producer” – explore the genres in movies and TV shows and make your own show using simple video editing tools
•    “Why Advertising Works” – learn about the tricks used to sell food and toys
•    “Interview Me!” – be famous for a day and experience the thrill of being interviewed for a magazine
•    “You Decide” – reading videogame reviews and deciding what makes a good game
•    “Staying Safe Online” – how to protect yourself and be responsible online—and still have fun!
•    “Be the News Editor” – work in a Daily News room and make decisions about what’s news
•    “What’s Real about Reality TV?” – discuss how to tell what is really “real” on TV and create your own reality TV show
•    “Celebrity Showdown” -- using VoiceThread.com to share  interpretations of favorite celebrities, athletes and musicians
•    “The Great Debaters” – pick a controversial topic, gather information and let the argument begin!
•    “Storymaker” – explore what makes a good story and create one of your own to share
•    “Comic Maker” – explore the world of comics and create your own