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Research & Scholarship

Some of the publications of Renee Hobbs and members of the Media Education Lab team

New Works

Teaching Media Literacy

Hobbs, R. 1996January. Children and the media (Reprint of Media Studies Journal article, 1994).

The Billerica Initiative Brings Media Literacy to Middle School

Hobbs, R. 1994January. Community Media Review

A New Lens on Channel One

Hobbs, R. & Folkemer, P1994January. Education Week

Teaching Media Literacy - Yo! Are You Hip To This?

Hobbs, R.1994January. Media Studies Journal

The Billerica Initiative

Hobbs, R. 1994 Telemedium: The Journal of Media Literacy

See Dick and Jane Deconstruct: ABC's of Teaching Media Literacy

Hobbs, R. 1993August. The Independent

Channel One: Schulfernseshen zwischen innovation und kommerz (The Promise and Peril of Channel One)

Hobbs, R. 1993November. Bertelsmann Briefe

Teaching the Media

Hobbs, R. 1992 Journal of Communication

Notes of a No TV survivor

Hobbs, R.1991February. Boston Globe

How First Time Viewers Comprehend Editing

Hobbs, R., Stauffer, J., Frost, R. & Davis, A.1988January. Journal of Communication

Stop(ping) the Presses!

Hobbs, R.1988January. Christian Science Monitor

Review of "The Media Lab" by S. Brand

Hobbs, R. 1988 Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media

Liberal bias? Review of "The Media Elite," by S. R. Lichter, S. Rothman and L. Lichter

Hobbs, R. 1988 Journal of Communication

Review of "The Cult of Information" by Theodore Roszak

Hobbs, R. 1987 Journal of Communication