The State of Media Literacy in Rhode Island

We join with Media Literacy Now Rhode Island in celebrating the 2017 National Media Literacy Week on Monday, November 6th with a webinar featuring the many talented educators and activists who are helping advance the media literacy competencies of children, youth, students and adults. Join us!














Share Your Media Literacy Story on the Flipgrid AND/OR Join the Live Webinar Conversation 



Moderator: Renee Hobbs

1. Introductions: Who is here today? What is your role?

2. Context of WHY media literacy for college and career readiness - Dr. Mark Garceau (Superintendent, Westerly Public Schools)

3. Definitions & problems of practice - Pam Steager (Media Education Lab) & Amanda Murphy (Westerly HS)

4. Student works & products - Brien Jennings, (Narragansett Elementary School) 

5. Screening of Flipgrids & roundtable discussion - Lori Huntley (West Warwick HS)

6. States that have integrated Media Literacy - Erin McNeil (Media Literacy Now) 

7.Resources available: Books, Films, Conferences, Speakers - Mary Moen (UIRI)

8. Next steps on how to continue to engage & create actionable steps for RIDE 

  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • Who are potential advocates?