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Toy Marketing

Join us for an exploration of toy marketing, which is a perfect topic to explore with children and teens. We'll explore the role of "kidfluencers" and talk about the changing nature of digital marketing. You'll learn how to access and save YouTube ads to create a playlist of pre-rolls and other forms of digital marketing that targets children, and learn some fun instructional practices that help students discuss gender stereotyping in toy commercials. 

Join us for a discussion about the how to get children and teens to think critically about the all-encompassing consumer culture they experience in daily life. 

DATE: Tuesday, December 7

TIME: 4 pm EST

LOCATION: Online. Click here to register

ACCESS THE SLIDES: Click here to access

PRESENTERS: Frank W. Baker and Renee Hobbs

December is the perfect month to teach about marketing and persuasion -- because consumer culture is in overdrive right now. Join Frank Baker and Renee Hobbs who offer some new tricks for analyzing toy advertising in the context of YouTube cultlure. We'll explain why it's more important than ever for children to learn about digital marketing and show you how you some "cool tools" that help you find and discuss toy marketing strategies that aim directly at children. We'll explore:

Trends in Toy Marketing: YouTube and TikTok

VidTao: A easy way to search for and bookmark YouTube videos and YouTube advertising  

SnapTIk: An easy way to download and use TikToks for classroom discussion

Gender Remixer: Jonathan McIntosh's classic media literacy tool for exploring gender stereotypes in toy advertising



You can learn more about how to earn your Media Literacy Badge for participating in this event