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Filmmaker and former Media Education Lab faculty Eugene Martin gave a dynamite presentation about his upcoming film, "The Anderson Monarchs" at TEDxYouth in Santa Monica. Check it out!Ā  Ā 
Help us bring the Powerful Voices for Kids story to life! We're seeking (1) a web developer and (2) a multimedia production assistant to help create the Powerful Voices for Kids website.
Submit a proposal to create a high school curriculum and video production contest for high school studentsĀ 
Renee Hobbs has published an article in School Library Journal about strategies for cultivating intellectual curiosity with digital and media literacy. Check it out here!
Food marketers are under mounting pressure to either change their advertising tactics aimed at kids, or the foods they promote to young people. Professor Renee Hobbs, BTMM/MMC of Templeā€™s Media Education Lab said she expects the Federal Tradeā€¦
A model copyright policy helps students and educators make wise decisions when it comes to the use of copyrighted content in digital media production
JUST RELEASED! Learn the secrets of media literacy pedagogy and maximize the power of mass media, popular culture and digital media for teaching and learningĀ 
Renee Hobbs has accepted a position as the Founding Director of the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island, beginning January 1, 2012.
The Powerful Voices for Kids program activates critical thinking about news and current events. In this article, Renee Hobbs offers a list of "what not to do" when it comes to news literacy.
Watch our new video about PVK's in-school mentoring approach to teacher education and read our latest research report about the media and technology habits of over 400 children at the Wayne Elementary School inā€¦