Teaching Media Literacy

Media literacy can be taught at all levels, on its own or embedded in other subjects such as English, Social Studies, Health or Language Arts.  The Media Education Lab offers teacher education programs and workshops, as well as an online library of media literacy curriculum materials.

Teaching Resources

Support reflection on why digital and media literacy matters for learning and teaching

Now it's easier than ever to engage students and support learning through creating videos, animations, infographics and more 

Explore the crowdsourced gallery of over 2,500 examples from around the world

Explore conspiracy theories using the power of digital annotation

Help students learn to ask questions about what they read, see, watch and listen to.

A virtual exchange dialogue opportunity explores people's memories of September 11, 2001.

Books for young learners: It's never to early to be smart about media!

Research and Scholarship

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his paper offers a case study of a collaboration between teachers in the US and Turkey, where 7 th grade students interacted with each other via online social media as a means to promote cultural understanding.

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In this essay, the term digital authorship in examined in relation to literacy learning. We reflect on two critical issues that are sometimes overlooked features of digital literacy in relation to the pedagogical practices of digital authorship.

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